Achenbach de wending naar rechts

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Михаил и Екатерина Попова на телеканале Подмосковье

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Building my horseless carriage (slide show)

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Making Our Homemade Horsedrawn Hearse. Part One - The Wooden Bits.

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We are now set up with our carriage and horses to offer rides at weddings and other special occasions, so making a hearse seems like the next sensible step. But I didn't undertake this project lightly because I know it will take us into the heart of local funerals and that's a privileged place to be. There's an important and poignant role played by the hearse at any funeral: The body is on it's last journey and the hearse is its last vehicle. But for such a journey a shiny black limousine just doesn't seem quite right to me -- better, surely, the solemn but friendly clip-clop of a gentle horse.I didn't want to build a huge fancy Victorian-style hearse, either - one that's covered in ornament and weighing a ton -- I'd rather offer a more modest one, and hope that others appreciate the power of simplicity. So I started with the buggy and removed the top (which could still be renovated) and worked up a design on the computer. One horse should be able to manage the weight because there will be no on-board driver.Anyway, we shall see how it goes. The woodwork was simple enough, but the metalwork for the next steps is mostly new to me so fingers crossed that I can work it out and do a good job. Any tips on the paint job gratefully received too!TAGS: homemade, horsedrawn, hearse, carriage, buggy, horses, undertaker, funerals, black, limousine, clip-clop, fancy, Victorian, style, ornament, simple, renovated, design, woodwork, metalwork, paintwork, plane, shoulder, drawknife, spokeshave, carpentry, coachworks, building, carriage, restoring, 18th century, doctor, four-wheeled, coffin, workshop, self-sufficiency, organic, smallholding, homesteading, sustainability, how to, make, blow-in, blog, DIY, rural, farming, country, down to earth, hands on, west, cork, traditional, skills, small farm, home, timber, wooden, joints, mortise, tennon, wedge, old, fashioned, handmade,

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Автор: WayOutWest Blowinblog
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