Как делают конные сани

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Работа на вожжах 02

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Inspannen voor de menwagen

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Как научить лошадь, которая суетится в упряжке стоять на месте

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Teaching a 5yo New Forest gelding that fidgets in harness to stand still when entering the yard. Although it is raining and he is fidgeting, wanting to get back into the stable, we need him to listen to the driver and do as he is told regardless of other distractions. It is vital that he does this because if he won't listen and stand still now (when he's in an enclosed yard) he could do this when out on the roads, which could lead to a carriage driving accident. Some horses start rearing when asked to stand still, or buck or plunge forwards; in our opinion it is important that they stand still when asked wherever you are. If they won't stand still in the yard prior to moving off, you can't expect them to stand still out on the roads at a junction. Not standing still can be a really dangerous situation for both horse, driver and anybody else involved, for example grooms, car drivers etc. We don't believe in asking a groom to stand by his head to prevent him moving; the horse should be listening to and obeying the driver. If a horse is rearing up or plunging forwards, this could also put the groom's life at risk.We often have people email us asking for advice because their horse won't stand still in harness; in some cases, rearing up and knocking over the groom who is standing in front of them trying to hold on. Here we show Foggy being asked to stand still with Sarah on the reins. At the end of the film, we show him entering the yard the next day; he puts up a lot less resistance to standing still.Horse Drawn Promotions - Breaking horses to harness.Subscribe to our channel:http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=barryhook2Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Horse-Drawn-Promotions-Breaking-horses-to-harness/146457242073727Website: http://www.horsedrawnpromotions.com

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:13:43
Автор: barryhook2
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