Horsepowered wheat threshing @ Southeastern Threshers Reunion

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Михаил и Екатерина Попова на телеканале Подмосковье

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IFSHA Chariot Show

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At CarriageDriving.net, it's the community that makes the difference. Our online community reaches a world-wide audience of over 100,000 visitors each month.

You can easily join this dynamic community by adding your group or organization to this free listing. The criteria is simple; your group or organization must be not-for-profit and carriage-driving related. It just doesn’t get any easier.

Become an active member of the online driving community by adding your listing now.

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Watch our videos on horse training and carriage driving as we teach horses to be safe, confident and happy in any sphere of harness work.

We believe there is more to breaking a horse to harness than just teaching it to pull a carriage; there are many other aspects that need to be considered such as confidence in heavy traffic, going into water happily, coping with unusual noises and sights ready for the show ground, achieving a soft mouth in a kind bit, working at all paces in different environments etc. All this prepares the horse for anything they may encounter in their future driving career. As trainers we feel our job is to give horses the best possible start to their driving careers - we aim to show people what it is possible to achieve when training and driving horses.

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“At Aaron and Jessica’s you can have your own private buggy. As couples or families you may have your choice of buggies or open wagons.”

Our family settled in the New World in what was to become Pennsylvania in the year 1626. Our first recorded family birth was in 1637 along the Delaware River near Philadelphia.

Aaron and Jessica’s Amish Buggy Rides is family owned and it started with a simple idea…..a little girl…and her horse. “This buggy ride will be the highlight of your visit to Amish Country in Lancaster County,” says Jessica. “It’s for real” Nobody can even come close to offering what you’ll see here; COUPLES AND KIDS LOVE IT TOO!

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